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Creating a new era in the food business by seeking new markets

At COLOWIDE, we have realized increased corporate value by expanding our markets from the Izakaya (Japanese-style pub) business into the mainstream restaurant business, aggressively pursuing M&A as one pillar of this growth strategy.
Our growth has been supported by two strategic pillars: distinctive strategic dominance characterized by launching restaurants in optimum locations under competitive business conditions and aimed at synergies between attracting customers and reducing distribution costs, and a merchandising strategy combining the leveraging of group-scale sales prowess with the internalization of food processing. Moreover, our employee education based upon a customer-oriented approach of "entertaining is a pleasure" and initiatives to improve the level of customer service have been major factors supporting our corporate growth.
On the other hand, we believe that the food service industry going forward must promptly adapt to changing customer preferences and needs, while strategies for developing new markets are also indispensable.
At COLOWIDE, we aim to achieve yet greater expansion of our good value restaurant chain based upon branding and merchandising such as franchise development in the rapidly growing Asian markets and our GYU-KAKU and Shabu-Shabu ONYASAI, KAPPA SUSHI and other brands. At the same time, we are actively advancing our fervent resolve in "Going for the Top in the Food Business" through the proposal and creation of new types of enterprises and new dining trends along with stringent efforts to further reinforce quality assurance and improve food safety.
At COLOWIDE, our passion for clearing new avenues toward a new era in dining truly knows no bounds.

COLOWIDE Co., Ltd President and Representative Director Kohei Nojiri