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Merchandising Division

Manages the merchandising of the entire group

The reason why Colowide Group manages to provide our customers with goods at an appropriate price is because we have managed to drastically reduce our costs by establishing our own unique merchandising strategy.

Colowide MD acts as the key of the group that supports the backyard, the development, procurement, manufacturing and distribution of goods and acts as the central nerve system of the group(s merchandising.
The system to reflect the customer's requests swiftly and flexibly onto products and services produces value that cannot be found in other stores.
We aim to maximize customer value and the Group's profits through continuous efforts to achieve drastic cost cutting and price reduction through enhancement of the purchasing power of the entire Group and also by internal manufacturing.

Product development / Raw material procurement / Manufacturing / Distribution

Processing of food to reduce individual store purchases

Central Kitchen

The factories deployed across the country by Colowide MD works as central kitchens for the whole group, effectively reducing the purchases made by each store.
The mission of the company is to develop products that contribute to differentiation for each type of establishment, in addition to consistently managing “from source to dish-up*”.
Its strength lays in its ability to come up with unique tastes, full of originality.
This concept has received high acclaim and has been awarded the Minister’s Award in the 17th Excellent Food Service Industry Award of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

* Dish-up: The counter where food produced from the kitchen is placed for service to the customers.
Construction of two new factories

With M&A of Reins International Inc. in 2012 and Kappa Create Co., Ltd. in 2014, Colowide Group has drastically increased the number of its establishments in the West Japan area (about 480 stores), and this has drastically increased the quantity of fresh marine products and meat being processed. To cater to this, we are now constructing new factories in Shiga and Shizuoka Prefectures. With these factories coming on stream, we will strive to further raise our internal manufacturing rate, and also reconfigure our factories locations and logistic networks that exist throughout Japan to further streamline our business operations.

Central Kitchen place.

Pursuing meticulousness in food security and safety

Food standard database "TASTY QUBE"

With the willing cooperation of our business partners, we have created a database that manages every detail of merchandise information for processed foods.
As a result, information on food production and processing locations can be accessed swiftly and accurately through a simple keyword search, which will enable us to develop more reliable and safer food management systems.

Food database image.
Individual inspection of domestic beef (traceability)

In compliance with the Cattle Traceability Law, we assign and provide individual identification numbers and lot numbers for domestic beef.
Since the breeding history of beef can be confirmed via the Internet, our customers are able to enjoy peace of mind while consuming our beef products.

traceability image.
Sanitation management system

In addition to inspections based upon the establishment of stringent management criteria, we also implement regular third party inspections of store locations, as part of our regular verification of sanitation management conditions.
By this type of thorough risk elimination, we have devised a sanitation management system whose standards are high even for the dining industry.

Sanitation management system image.
Strengthen detection function

Making food safety a top priority, we have installed "Food Radioactivity Measurement System" in Kanagawa, Hokkaido, and Nagahama Central Kitchen, "Metal Detection Foreign Object Detector" in Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Nagahama Central Kitchen, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Fuji, Shiga, Ageo, and Amagasaki factories. In addition, we have installed "X-ray Foreign Object Detector" in Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Nagahama Central Kitchen, and Shizuoka factories to strengthen the detection functions.

Reinforcing image.
Environmental consideration

Refrigeration system in the newly constructed Nagahama Central Kitchen and Shizuoka factory, uses natural refrigerant (NH2/CO2,) instead of freon gas. This results in reduced power consumption and CO2 emission,, lowering the environmental impact. Furthermore, we have installed garbage disposal units in Kanagawa and Nagahama Central Kitchen for composting and recycling the vegetable residue etc.

Reinforcing image.
Vegetable Factory

An indoor hydroponic culturing of vegetables using LED light source is being conducted in Kanagawa central kitchen. Under a temperature, humidity, and CO2 controlled environment, agrochemical-free vegetables are being supplied to the group’s establishments.