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Growth StrategyGrowth Strategy

■ M&A and sales activity to date

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■ Market share and business portfolio

Market size and share of the COLOWIDE Group

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■ Sales share of izakaya and restaurants

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■ Respective areas of responsibility


Metropolitan area (Tokyo and 3 prefectures), Kansai region, and overseas focused on izakaya


From Hokkaido to the Kansai and Kyushu regions, focused on restaurants and izakaya

Reins International Inc.

Gyu-Kaku, ONYASAI, Freshness Burger and others in Japan and overseas

Kappa Create Holdings Co., Ltd.

Kappa-sushi, delicatessen business, Japan and overseas


■ Achievement of Strategic multi-format dominance

The COLOWIDE Group continuously strives to achieve “strategic multi-format dominance” by opening various types of restaurants and izakaya in the same region, building, or floor. By achieving such dominance, we are not only able to provide a wide selection of dining places to choose from depending on the preference of each customer but also gain competitive advantages such as lower logistical costs, staff sharing and cooperation among nearby locations, and coordinated promotional activities.

Multi-formats Strategic dominance.

■ Consolidation of store formats

As an increasing number of different store formats emerged due to our previous expansion, the COLOWIDE Group is in the process of streamlining our business operations by only keeping the types of format that are relatively superior and competitive in the market.
In addition, to sustain and enhance the superiority and competitiveness of such formats that the Group has decided to keep, we are determined to improve our product and service brand equity in all aspects, and also improve R&D formats to new consolidated formats.

Steady progress vitually achieved according to plan

■ Global business expansion

The COLOWIDE Group is moving forward with its global business expansion plans, as we currently operate approx. 140 restaurants in 12 different countries around the world (including Asia, the U.S. and Canada), and which are mainly Gyu-Kaku and Shabu-Shabu ONYASAI restaurants.
(as of March 2017)

Transition of overseas establishments