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Reins International Inc.Reins International Inc.

Reins International Inc. LOGO
Corporate name Reins International Inc.
HQ Landmark Tower 12F, 2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 220-8112
CEO Toshiichi Nemoto
Scope of business Deployment of directly operated and franchise-operated brand restaurant chains
Date of establishment June 1987
Capital 100 million yen
  • GYU-KAKU charcoal broiled meat restaurant image.
    GYU-KAKU charcoal broiled meat restaurant "Gyu-Kaku" Japanese BBQNo.1 in number of domestic store locations

    Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese BBQ restaurant chain that enjoys an overwhelming market share and owns the largest number of establishments in Japan. Since opening its first restaurant in 1996, it has received tremendous support from large numbers of customers and currently has approx. 647 establishments in Japan and approx. 109 establishments overseas (in Asia, the U.S., and Canada).

  • Shabu-Shabu ONYASAI image.
    Shabu-Shabu ONYASAI "Shabu shabu ONYASAI"No.1 in number of domestic store locations

    Shabu-shabu used to be a rather formal and expensive dish. The first Shabu-Shabu ONYASAI restaurant was opened in 2000 and has since helped alter this common perception by providing a casual and affordable dining place where customers can eat their fill of high-quality delicious meat and a wide variety of vegetables. The restaurant chain currently has approx. 379 establishments in Japan and 17 establishments overseas, mainly in Asian countries.

  • Izakaya DOMA-DOMA image.
    Izakaya DOMA-DOMA Izakaya “Doma Doma”

    An izakaya, based on the concept of a “doma”, an earthen floor space in a traditional Japanese house, where people gathered around.
    The first establishment was opened in 2001 and has established itself in an unique position of offering creative and diverse dishes at a reasonable price, far exceeding the image projected by an izakaya chain.
    The innovativeness has won wide acclaim from ladies in the low 20s.

  • KAMADOKA image.
    KAMADOKA "Kamadoka"

    The first Kamadoka restaurant location was opened in 2003 as a place to savor the taste of authentic cuisine. Cherishing a “hand-made feel prepared with utmost attention” from the beginning, Kamadoka prepares its dishes with carefully selected soup stock, salt, and other ingredients, which include the restaurant’s signature dish “jukusei dori” (dry-aged chicken) and flame-cooked “kamameshi” (rice cooked in an iron pot). It is a creative Japanese style izakaya that sets itself apart from other izakaya chains by devoting all the time and effort required to prepare each dish right, and suggesting ingenious cooking and eating styles.

  • Freshness Burger image.
    Freshness Burger Freshness Burger

    Freshness Burger became a subsidiary of Reins International through M&A in December 2016. Freshness Burger opened its first location in 1992. Making use of abundant natural ingredients and with everything made fresh on order, there are presently 171 stores in Kanto area that focus on the bringing to you the original hamburger taste.

Franchise business

With Reins International Inc. becoming our subsidiary in 2012, more than a thousand franchisees ("FCs") have joined the Group, in addition to the mostly directly managed existing establishments. These new member establishments are able to utilize the merchandising functions of Group company Colowide MD, and this has been creating significant synergetic effects. We are also leveraging these FC business know-how to introduce newly acquired Freshness Burger to the existing FCs, in order to make new business moves based on the FC platform.

Global restaurant operation

Yakiniku (grilled meat) is popular among a wide range of customers in Japan and has established itself as casually enjoyable dietary culture. It is also starting to gain steady recognition overseas as “YAKINIKU: Japanese BBQ.” REINS INTERNATIONAL currently has a network of 147 stores worldwide (as of March 2018) (Asia, America, Canada etc.) that focus on “Gyukaku (Grilled beef)” and “Shabu-Shabu Onyasai” and is expanding globally.

Overseas Group Companies

Oversea deployment and management companies of Gyu-Kaku and ONYASAI chain: Gyukaku image.
  • Tokyo Gyu-Kaku Co., Ltd. Operation of restaurant chains in Taiwan

  • REINS INTERNATIONAL (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Operation of restaurant chains in South East Asia

  • REINS INTERNATIONAL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Operation of restaurant chains in Thailand

  • PT. REINS MARINDO INDONESIA Operation of restaurant chains in Indonesia

  • REINS INTERNATIONAL TAIWAN CO., LTD. Store deployment operations in Taiwan

  • REINS INTERNATIONAL (USA) CO., LTD. Operation of restaurant chains in North America
    *Including 7 subsidiaries.

  • COLOWIDE ASIA CO., LTD. Investment company for overseas (Asia) production and store deployment
    (*Subsidiary of Colowide MD Co., Ltd.)

  • COLOWIDE VIETNAM., JSC. Operation of restaurant chains in Vietnam

  • KAPPA CREATE KOREA CO., LTD. Operation of restaurant chains in Korea

Group Company

CostIs image.

CostIs Logo

Integration and streamlining of liquor sales business

Assigned with a new role of integrating the wholesale of liquor for the entire Colowide group from April 2015. It will proceed with the streamlining of business as well as product and cost control to further create profits inside the group.