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Kappa Create Co., Ltd.Kappa Create Co., Ltd.

Kappa Create Co., Ltd. LOGO
Corporate name Kappa Create Co., Ltd.
HQ Landmark Tower 12F, 2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 220-8112
CEO Kenichi Ohno
Scope of business Management of KAPPA SUSHI chain and Delicatessen division
Date of establishment August 1978
Capital 9.8 billion yen

Kappa-sushi business

Re-branding of Kappa-sushi

Kappa Create became a part of the Colowide Group in December. 2014, and action was taken to re-brand the Kappa-sushi, the conveyer-belt style sushi business. To regain the top position as a leading company, improvement in its earning structure has been made, as well as the speedy proposing of new policies that had not been made before, such as new café-style establishment design, development of new products with emphasis on materials, review of sales promotion, deployment of urban type models, etc., based on a new marketing plan. Furthermore, based on the collaboration with Colowide MD, strong competitive strength has been shown in quality control and purchasing strength of tuna and other fresh fishes, enabling it to provide even more secure and safer products to the customers. There are currently approximately 340 establishments in Japan and as the pioneer of the 100 yen conveyer-belt system sushi, it provides a pleasant and joyous time to the customers all around the country.

  • KAPPA SUSHI image.

Delicatessen Business

Increase side dish manufacturing and sales share

The delicatessen business manufactures and conducts wholesale of Kappa-sushi brand sushi, mainly to the large convenience store chains and supermarkets, as well as providing lunchboxes, side dishes, dressed breads, and desserts under OEM to the Tokai, Kansai, Hokuriku, and Kanto area from the Ageo, Fuji, Nagoya, Odaka, Shiga, and Amagasaki factories of Japan Fresh Co., Ltd, a group company. We will target for further expansion of the sales area for the delicatessen business, where the market size is large, to develop it as the next pillar following Kappa-sushi. ISO22000 acquired by each factory will be observed and strict hygiene control will be conducted from the receiving of raw materials to the shipment of products, to expand the sales to convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.

KAPPA brand products image.
Nagoya factory Delicatessen factories
  • Ageo factory Box lunch business
  • Fuji factory Box lunch and sandwich business
  • Nagoya factory Box lunch and sandwich business
  • Odaka Factory Dressed bread processing and manufacturing
  • Shiga factory Box lunch and sandwich business
  • Anagasaki factory Box lunch, cake and tuna
    processing business
Each factory images.

Future plans and market development

  • Innovative three storied-express carraige image. Innovative three storied-express carraige

    Kappa Create introduced to the conveyer-belt sushi industry an innovative three storied-express carraige and launched a made-to-order system for customers to have freshly rolled sushi. At the same time, restaurants were refurbished in café-style design concept with white as a base color to attract the attention of women and the eldery. With its new and simpler company logo, Kappa Create is taking on new challenges.

  • New urban model outlet "Sushi Express Sushinoba " image. Development of urban type models

    Using the knowhow gained through the suburban type models, the development of urban type business models is being conducted. It aims to open establishments in yet-to-be-developed downtown centers, utilizing the knowhow of the Colowide group synergy, in logistics, location development in busy downtown areas, the securing of staffs, etc. We believe the reasonably-priced sushi market is a large but under-developed market with a big room for opening of new establishments.

Group Company

  • Japan Flesh image.
    Japan Flesh LOGO *ISO22000 Certification acquired
    Delicatessen business

    Each factory of Japan Fresh Co., Ltd., responsible for the delicatessen business has acquired ISO22000 certification and under strictly controlled conditions, manufactures and supplies wholesale, desserts to Kappa-sushi chain as well as providing lunch boxes, side dishes, dressed breads, Kappa-sushi brand nigiri-zushi and hand-rolled sushi to large convenience stores and supermarkets.