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Corporate name COLOWIDE MD Co., Ltd.
HQ Landmark Tower 12F, 2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 220-8112
CEO Naoya Takahashi
Scope of business Manufacturing, processing, and sales of various foodstuffs, merchandising functions, and operation of restaurants
Date of establishment October 2004
Capital 10 million yen

Absorption merger of Colowide East Japan Co., Ltd. into Colowide MD Co., Ltd. was made in April, 2015, and the merged company was reorganized into two business divisions, the Merchandising Division and the Store Division, to establish a swift development structure in both directions.

  • Homemade-style Izakaya AMATARO image.
    Homemade-style Izakaya AMATARO Homemade-style Izakaya AMATARO

    The history of Colowide started from the opening of AMATARO in Zushi, Kanagawa, back in 1977.
    By providing services that lift the spirits of our customers, like consistent dishes made from selected materials, fulfilling meat dishes and with shoe-boxes at the entrance of the store, the first in the izakaya (Japanese style bar) industry, it has continued to maintain the heart of its initial founding by its constantly evolving service and menu.

  • Northern Japanese food HOKKAIDO image.
    Northern Japanese food HOKKAIDO Northern Japanese food HOKKAIDO

    Delivering authentic hospitality and cuisine with the rustic flavors of the great natural expanses of Hokkaido, grilled, steamed, and boiled to perfection. Enjoy carefully selected fresh ingredients delivered from Hokkaido along with delicious locally brewed sake.


    Serves not only authentic yakitori like Negima (chicken and green onion) or Reba-kushi (chicken liver), but also unconventional yakitori including Tsukune-tsukimi-gushi (chicken meatballs served with egg yolk) and chicken filet with pepper and cheese. Cheery and clean atmosphere.

  • WOLFGANG PUCK Café image.

    This American casual restaurant is produced by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, winner of the James Beard Foundation's top Outstanding Chef Award (informally known as the "Academy Award of the Restaurant Business") and official caterer for the Academy Awards Governor's Ball.

  • Homemade pasta & Hearth-baked pizza LA PAUSA image.
    Homemade pasta & Hearth-baked pizza LA PAUSA Homemade pasta & Hearth-baked pizza LA PAUSA

    "LA PAUSA" means "resting time" in Italian.
    The perfect Italian restaurant to drop by when it's time for a nice little break. featuring superior quality pasta, cheese and olive oil, along with fresh salad.
    Enjoy the authentic flavors of Italy at an affordable price.

  • Local saké and Soba noodles / Kyoto-style oden SANGENDOU image.
    Local saké and Soba noodles / Kyoto-style oden SANGENDOU Local saké and Soba noodles / Oden SANGENDOU

    Soba noodles and Oden, made with carefully selected ingredients and masterful culinary skill. Japanese dishes prepared using exquisite seasonal ingredients are served with the very best local craft sake and shochu. A hospitable dining experience is offered at each restaurant location, featuring a relaxing Japanese-style setup and the comfortable feel of a 'familiar dining place.'

  • Happy meal, Happy life NIJYU-MARU image.
    Happy meal, Happy life NIJYU-MARU Happy meal, Happy life NIJYU-MARU

    The restaurant has a wide line-up of enjoyable and tasty food ranging from orthodox Japanese, Western and Chinese to original and creative cuisine, and as well as drinks at a reasonable price.
    This is a new style dining that lets you enjoy a relaxed and fashionable time, even for women-only groups.

  • Inbound business image.
    Inbound business

    COLOWIDE group from 2008 started its inbound business with focus on COLOWIDE MD. Currently dealing with the inbound customers to the groups’ ‘Hokkaido’, ‘Amataro’, ‘Gyukaku’, ‘Shabu-shabu Onyasai’ etc. stores, we have advanced to a level where we are able to annually gather some 1 Million customers.

Other groups

  • Bannou Suisan image.
    Bannou Suisan Logo. Provides stable supply of tuna and other fresh fish as the purchasing division of marine products.

    The company provides a steady supply of strict freshness-controlled tuna and other fishes to all the group's stores. It purchases tuna, a very important food for kaiten zushi (belt-conveyer type sushi) and izakaya. by the shipload, process them in the Company's own processing factory in Shizuoka Prefecture, and delivers them to the stores.
    As construction of the new Shizuoka factory was completed in May 2017, higher-quality tuna and other fresh fish can now be supplied to all Group companies at stable prices.

  • SILSMARIA image.
    SILSMARIA Logo. Birthplace location of "nama-choco"

    SILSMARIA is the birthplace store for an entirely new type of chocolate, "nama-choco (chocolate pave truffle)." Our popular fresh cream chocolate Koendori no Ishidatami ( "Stone Pavement of the Park Promenade" ) won a Grand Gold Award at the 2017 Monde Selection. The product has also been selected as one of Kanagawa Prefecture's famous confections.

  • Worldpicom image.
    Worldpicom Logo. A leading company in self-order tablets

    “Menu-kun®”, a self-order tablet with sales record of more than 100,000 units in Japan. Domestic sales have soared with the recent shortage of labor and sophistication of IT literacy through smartphones. Since it is multi-language capable, it is also greatly appreciated by many inbound customers.