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HQ Nagoya Marubeni building 15F, 2-2-2, Nishiki, Naka-ku,Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan 460-0003
CEO Keisuke Ishikawa
Scope of business Operation of restaurant chains
Date of establishment January 1972
Capital 4.073 billion yen
  • Steak MIYA image.
    Steak MIYA Steak MIYA

    Since its establishment in 1975, this specialty steak restaurant has achieved broad popularity among customers.
    Offering our signature "MIYA Sauce," which is as gentle to the body as it is delicious, and the Drink & Soup bar with its many diverse selections to choose from, our restaurants are frequented by a broad spectrum of customers irrespective of age group or gender.


    A true gourmet conveyor-belt sushi experience for enjoying fresh seasonal delights in season.
    Based on a concept that combines sumptuous toppings carefully selected for freshness and region, a genuine sushi restaurant atmosphere, and the ease of savoring sushi in the handy conveyor-belt sushi format, we offer true value for the money.

  • KARUBI TAISHO image.

    Our authentic BBQ restaurants offer safe, fresh ingredients including kalbi, sirloin, innards, and more at affordable prices. We provide enjoyable communication spaces for all types of customers, from families to office colleagues, to enjoy delicious dining and a fun drinking experience.

  • Lovingly prepared pork cutlets KATSUDOKI image.
    Lovingly prepared pork cutlets KATSUDOKI Lovingly prepared pork cutlets KATSUDOKI

    In order to make customer smile, this pork cutlet specialty restaurant uses only the most discerningly selected ingredients including pork, cooking oils, batter, vegetables, and rice.
    To complement the crispy cutlets, refills of fluffy white rice and cabbage are free.
    The prices are as reasonable as lunch special prices.

  • Karaoke JIYU-KAN image.
    Karaoke JIYU-KAN Karaoke "JIYU-KAN"

    Enjoy karaoke using the latest machines in an environment with excellent acoustics and superb equipment, while feasting on delicious food. JIYU-KAN offers a creative menu that includes large-sized dishes suitable for groups and fun party goods.

  • Fine sake / Fine cuisine NE-NE-YA image.
    Fine sake / Fine cuisine NE-NE-YA Fine sake / Fine cuisine NE-NE-YA

    Under the concept of "Be passionate about offering meals and playful spaces that inspire a sense of hometown pride," Ne-Ne-Ya provides pleasant service and a relaxing atmosphere to dine in.
    Mainly using food ingredients that are produced in Tohoku with a focus on main dishes featuring seafood from the region, Ne-Ne-Ya offers a wide variety of handmade dishes that go perfectly with sake and other types of drinks.

  • Tasty foods from IROHANIHOHETO image.
    Tasty foods from IROHANIHOHETO Tasty foods from IROHANIHOHETO

    IROHA is all about delicious home-cooked flavor.
    This hospitable Izakaya chain offers a menu of everyday dishes that bring the maximum flavor out of ingredients at affordable prices, which include roasted hokke (Okhotsk atka mackerel) from Hokkaido which is the birthplace of the original shop, local favorite ramen salad, and IROHA’s signature dish of “modan yaki” (a savory fried vegetable pancake topped with yaki-soba noodles).

  • Tasty mixed grill GANKO-EN & GANKO-TEI image.
    Tasty mixed grill GANKO-EN & GANKO-TEI Tasty mixed grill GANKO-EN & GANKO-TEI

    An all-you-can-eat BBQ menu of safe, fresh ingredients and homemade sauces at reasonable prices.
    The boisterous atmosphere and smiling service provide a cozy sense of being at home. Popular with a broad range of costomers including families and students.